Informed Concent & Full Disclosure

An informed consent and full disclosure form is designed to clarify the relationship between the client and practitioner, to help each party know what can be expected of the other. This is designed to help avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication. To help clarify my role as fertility educator and amateur herbalist. It is my hope that the information I have provided here will help you to make an informed choice about whether or not you'd like to consult with me. To help clarify what I can and can't help you with.

Only doctors who are licensed to practice medicine may: examine patients, diagnose a medical illness, prescribe treatment or therapies for such conditions, relieve symptoms, dispense or administer remedies or medicines, use the title Doctor or refer to their clients as patients.

Iím not a doctor, and cannot help with any of the above mentioned things. If you need these services, please do consult with a trained medical professional. The medical community is very good at emergency intervention and diagnosing problems, if there is a problem once you know what it is, then you can gather information and make an informed decision on how you want to go about handling the problem. Many people are choosing to work with natural products and supplements, using more of a wholistic, whole body approach to treating their health concern. There is a growing interest in individuals taking greater responsibility for their health care and general well-being. Part of being proactive about our health care is not just taking someoneís word for something, get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. Ask lots of questions. Are there less invasive alternatives that can be utilized first?

My work is about honoring that choice, that desire to work with alternative methods prior to resorting to the offerings of the medical establishment, by providing as much comprehensive information as I have been able to pull together. I am researcher and educator. My goal is to educate women about how our bodies work, what contraception options are available, including non-conventional ones. I want to give women as many tools as possible to protect against unwanted pregnancy. I also believe that the choice not to carry a pregnancy is a very personal one, and does not belong in the public or political arena for debate, we should have the means and methods to resolve these situations in the comfort and privacy of our own homes. Knowing that the medical establishment is there if its services are required.

By contacting me, you acknowledge my limitations, and agree to take responsibility for your own health care choices, assuming the risk involved in any of those choices that you make. My goal is to educate you as best as I am able to, please use that information responsibly. Just because this is something that you can do at home, something that you can do yourself.... just because its a natural or herbal product doesn't mean it is safe, or without risk. There is also no guarantee that herbal or vitamin supplementation will produce the desired effects. Please make all your health choices educated conscious ones.

Education - I have completed high school and some college classes including nutrition and some psychology classes. My personal evolution has led to self educating myself by reading extensively on womenís health, reproduction, female physiology and anatomy, menstruation, reproductive health, fertility awareness, conception, abortion, general herbal literature, herbology texts for students, womenís herbals, herbal abortifacients and emmenagogues, underground publications of do-it-yourself herbal abortions, various scientific articles, etc. I have also spoken with herbalists and women who have had personal experience with herbal abortions.

Personal Work and Experience: My interest in Fertility Awareness and Herbal Abortion arose out of a desire to get to know by body better. Like many young women I was on the pill and wanted to get off, to tune back into my body, only to discover I was completely ignorant about how my body worked. This began a long personal quest of self education and exploration, and the desire to share what I was discovering with other women.

By 1995, I was publishing a small booklet educating women about how our bodies worked, and how we can use that information to avoid pregnancy. A few years later I learned how to develop a website, and I put my booklet online and added more information including a large section on herbal abortifacients. Since 1998, I have been assisting women with questions of cycle awareness, contraception, conception, and herbal abortion.

Personal Projects -
Herbal Abortion Database - Since starting my website in 1998, I have been collecting data from women who voluntarily filled out a questionnaire detailing their experience with herbal abortion. As of June of 2007, the database contains over 200 hundred entries with another 100 or so that still need to be inputted. One of the main purposes of the database is to discover the effectiveness of herbal abortions in general, and to compare the various herbs used.

Natural Spermacide Project - I acquired a lab microscope a few years back thanks to the generosity of many women who pulled together to offer donations to help me purchase the microscope (thank you ladies! and a few gents). I wanted to explore the effects of various herbal concoctions and home remedies that I had come across on live human sperm. Honey stopped the sperm from swimming right away, where garlic didn't seem to have an effect. Lately, I've been reading about lemon juice, that was on my list of things to test, as is neem oil, but I didn't get to them the first round of testing I did.

Herbal Abortion Attempts - I have attempted 3 herbal abortions, all of which failed. I kept pretty detailed notes on my experiences, but at the time didn't know a whole lot about herbal abortions. My last pregnancy was in 1995 and since then I have been using Fertility Awareness Methods successfully to avoid conception.

Continuing Education - I've decided to go back to school, I'll be starting in the fall. I'm going after a Holistic Health Practice diploma, and plan to follow that with a master herbalist's diploma. I expect it will take me about three years to complete.

Website Plans - I plan to continue developing and expanding my website as time permits. I've also started offering individual consultations. I plan to offer workshops both online and in person in the near future. Once i finish getting the new entries into the database, I'll update the effectiveness data based on the newer figures.

Professional Training - I have no formal training as a herbalist or fertility counselor. I started a correspondence course by East West Herb School by Michael Tierra, but did not complete it. I have attended some classes, workshops and conferences offered by various herbalists over the years. I'm looking forward to fleshing out my professional training by completing the courses to obtain my diploma and credentials.

How I can help you:
- I can educate you
- I can be your consultant about reproductive matters.
- I can offer information on different types of contraception
- I can offer consultation regarding chances of conception occurring based on the circumstances and information presented.
- I can look at data you provide.
- I can give an opinion or make an educated guess.
- I can provide consultation to assist you with making educated decisions about managing your fertility, and achieving your personal goals for health and wellness.
- I can provide information and education to help you restore health to a desirable state
- I can tell you what I might do if this was my body.
- I can tell you what other women have done, and what the results were.
- I can discuss herbal formulas.

What I canít help with:
- I canít tell you what to take or how much of something to take.
- I canít prescribe or recommend what you should take or do. Diagnosing conditions, prescribing remedies or medicines and recommending therapies, or treatments are things that have to be done by a doctor.
- I canít tell you any remedy will accomplish what you are hoping to do.
- I canít tell you, yes you are pregnant or no you are not (I canít diagnose a condition)
- I canít tell you specifically how to end an unwanted pregnancy. I can speak generally.

What is Expected from You:
- Honesty
- An earnest attempt and sincere commitment in meeting your personal reproductive goals.
- A back up plan in case things donít work out as you hope.
- Personal Research. Donít take my word for it, read and educate yourself, verify and cross reference.
- To take care of yourself. To look out for yourself. To protect yourself. Respect yourself.
- To protect yourself against unwanted pregnancies.
- To make decisions based on good information.
- Not to make fear based decisions.
- To provide information about any medical conditions you may have, especially concerning liver, kidneys and reproductive system.

What You Can Expect From Me:
- Honesty
- I am knowledgeable about Fertility Awareness Methods, Herbal Contraception and Herbal Abortion. I will do my best to provide accurate information about these subjects which are not well researched or investigated and are generally shunned by the herbal and scientific community.
- Iím a collector of information and an educator.
- That I will do my best to answer your questions and concerns.
- That I will admit that I donít know the answer if that is the case.
- That I will assist women in taking back control over our fertility.
- That I will help women determine a method of contraception that works for them.
- A sincere desire to help and educate women.

Professional Affiliations: Member of Herb Research Foundation.

Commercial Affiliations: I am an associate for and receive referral fees for books that I suggest to clients and website visitors through links that I provide. I am an associate of Mountain Rose Herbs and receive a commission on purchases made by visitors following my links to their website.

- Website usage is free. Donations are appreciated, and will be used to help with associated costs of running the website.
- Individual consultations may have fees associated and will be billed prior to the consultation. Current individual consultation rates are $15 for 30 minutes, payable through paypal upon receipt of invoice.
- Workshops will have fees associated with them, which are payable prior to attending the workshop.

If you are dissatisfied with my services:
Please feel free to contact me for further discussion and resolution at sister_zeus @

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