A Women's Self-Help Group
Would you like to be part of one?

If you have found your way to this page, I assume that you are interested in joining and participating in a Women's Self-help Group, learning how to use a speculum, taking a more active role in your reproductive health care, and working toward the goal of learning how to menstrual extractions.

Here, on this page you have the opportunity to sign up to start/join/participate in a women's self-help group. Existing groups are very difficult to find, if they exist in your area at all. It is likely that if you want to be in a group you will have to start your own. A few years ago, I started a group of my own, there were 4 of us, 3 of us were very committed to learning how to do menstrual extractions. We were fortunate that there was a lady in our area who could be our mentor and teach us how to do them safely and correctly. We started by reading everything we could get our hands on. Educating ourselves about our bodies, and about menstrual extractions, what they were all about. I have put together a reading list, suggested (or maybe I should say required reading) for effective participation in a self-help group. It is important for you to be able to bring into the group a working knowledge.

Over the years I have collected quite a bit of information. Much of it is bad photocopies, from the material being copied so many times as it was passed from woman to woman. If you have not gathered from the breath and depth of this website, I want to help women who want to help themselves. I am interested in working with women who want to learn. I have quite a bit of knowledge to share, if anyone truly wants to learn.

I have had several women contact me expressing interest in participating/starting groups in their area. I have created a list of these locations, and add to it whenever someone else contacts me. When two women from the same area contact me I put them in contact with each other so that they can get together and discuss starting a group.

**This is for Women Only**
(Sorry Guys)
This is for women who are serious about participating in a women's self-help group. Learning to
use a speculum, learn about their fertility, taking a more active role in reproductive health care, and learning how to do menstrual extractions. Willing to make a small but serious commitment. I want to work with women who WANT learn what I know. If this is you, then read on..... Note: This is not for women who are pregnant & seeking help finding a menstrual extractions. If you are sending me your name, in hopes that there is someone in your area who can help you, I'm sorry to say, you'll be waisting my time and yours. This page is in regards to newly forming groups, none of which has the training or equipment to be able to provide this service.

This is what you need to do. First read through this page carefully, make sure you are clear with what I am saying. Next, you will need to sign up. Send me your name, where you live, and your email address. If you would like to include a little about yourself and what you are interested in as far a group goes it please do so, while not necessary it is helpful to know a little bit about your interests, since we will be in contact with each other. Email me with your information at: sister_zeus@geocities.com subject - Self-help Groups.

Please double check your address, incorrect email addresses will prevent you from being added to the list. Also, If your email address might change, consider getting a permanent one from Yahoo.com (just remember to check it once in a while) this way, if your email address changes I have a way to reach you. We are building a network, laying the foundation, it can't function if we don't stay in touch.

What will happen. When I receive your message, I will respond with a confirmation message, to which I expect a prompt response. (If you check your email infrequently, please let me know in your initial message.) The purpose of this message is to confirm that your email address works and I am able to reach you. You will need to respond to this message before I will add you to the list. When I receive your response, I will add your location to the public list, and your name and email address are retained in my notes, and will not be displayed publicly. When someone in your area who is also interested in joining/forming a group contacts me, then I contact each of you and let you know that there is someone in your area shares a similar interest in taking part in a self-help group, this way you can get together to discuss forming a group. As others in your area contact me I will again notify everyone in the area of each other, and I hope that a few groups will get started.

While you're waiting to meet up with someone else in your area. You can read the books on the suggested reading list. You can acquire a speculum, a plastic one is fine. And learn how to use it. Being able to operate a speculum and find your cervix is the very first step in learning how to do a menstrual extraction.

I have also created an on-line women's self-help group to assist with the learning process; creating a network of support. It is not accessible to the general public so that we may discuss things in private. This service is available only to women who contact me with the desire to participate in a group.

Here is some essential reading for those of you who are interested in participating in groups. Suggested Reading for Women's Self-help Groups, I will add to it again in the future. But for now, these are the most easily accessible books on this subject.

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Locations where Women have Expressed Interest in Forming a Group

This is a list of areas women have contacted me expressing interest in starting/participating in a women's self-help group. Some of these women are currently participating in the on-line group as well.


Santa Monica
San Francisco


Pensacola -- Note: group has started.

Chicago - Women's Radical Self-Help Network ~ Chicago/Midwest Chapter
Northern Illinois - Mundelein

Ann Arbor


Red Lodge

New York State
New Paltz
Mt. Vernon - Southern Westchester County
Ithaca - Tompkins County
New York City - wanting advanced members

North Carolina

Norman (30 miles from Ok. city)

South Carolina
Cayce (next to Columbia)


Washington State
Everette (20 min from Seattle)




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