A Personal Story

Submitted: July 20, 1999

Name: Shani
Success: Yes
Weight: 121 pounds
Pregnancy Test: No. Intercourse occurred during a fertile time.
Method used: 500mg vitamin c every hour for 12 hours taken for 5 days. Switched to Dong Quai (2 capsules every 4 hours) and Black Cohosh.

Commits -

First of all I would like to give my humblest thanks for the well-spring of knowledge that your site has provided for women. Upon reflection I realized that this site should not be extraordinary because this information is our birthright as women. Men have conspired to keep it from us so that they might wield our own power against us so thank you for turning on the lights.

My period was due july 2,1999. By he following week (July 9,1999) I was starting to get worried. I can't remember what led me to your site because I wasn't actively searching for herbal abortions, I didn't even know there was such a thing. Maybe it was Providence.

Anyways, I read about the different herbs and decided to go with the vitamin c approach. I started taking 500 mg of vitamin c every hour for 12 hours on july 12 continuing for 5 days. On july 17 I hadn't noticed any changes with the exception of a few isolated cramps so I decided to try dong quai and black cohosh.

I took 2 dong quai capsules and 20 drops of black cohosh in some juice at 2:00pm. By 3:00pm I started bleeding. I took 2 more doses at 6pm and again at 10pm. By then the bleeding was well underway and there were some strong cramps along with it. I'm still bleeding today july 20 but it is tapering off some. I cannot tell you enough how liberating this experience has been. Not just the joy of having solved my "problem" but being able to work in concert with my body not against it. It was such a natural and relatively painless process. I get angry when I think of the surgical abortion that I suffered through knowing that the pain and the attendant stigma were totally unnecessary. Thanks again and please continue to enlighten women. Shani

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