A Personal Story

Submitted: Feb 17, 1999

Name: Samantha
Weight: 133
Age: 29
Pregnancy Test: Not Taken (Probably Pregnant)
Success: Yes

First Day of last Menstruation: December 18
Fertilization date: ??? we used protection the every time we were together over New Years.
Expected menstruation : Between January 18 and 20. Normal cycle for me is 30 to 32 days. (I tend to be very regular, unless highly stressed)

Herbs started: January 27 Vitamin C one pill every hour for 9 days.
Added Dong Quai on January 30 2 capsules every 4 hours for 6 days.
Added Black Cohosh February 4: 2 capsules at 6 pm; 4 capsules at 10 pm with last dose of Vitamin C and 3 Dong Quai: SLEPT all night for first time in 9 days!
Took 4 Black Cohosh and 2 Dong Quai at 8 am. Bleeding started at about 10 am. I took no more pills from then on.
(I tired to drink Parsley tea, but I have always hated parsley and could not do it)

Ended with strong period 16 days late.

Pregnancy test: Sort of (not until a week after bleeding stopped, at that point I wanted to make sure I was all right and it came out negative)

Birth control: Yes, we used condoms and a sperm aside insert. To my knowledge the condoms had no problems. I knew that we were right on my fertile days and I thought we used the utmost care. I do not know why we failed. (unless I am just unusually fertile)


I have just started a new job in a new town with a new apartment and have no good friends here yet. So for New Year I went up to my University (I just finished a few months before) to see my special grad student friend. We used the utmost care over the weekend as it was right at my most fertile time.

I did not have time to worry with all my job pressures until I realized that it was January 24 which was at least 4 days late with tender breast and a upset stomach. I could do nothing until the 27. I was at some special new employee training at the head quarters office 60 miles from home.

I got home on the 27 and found your web page and rushed out and got the vitamin C. (I had actually called a clinic and they said they could do nothing until week 6 and I really did not want to go to them or wait that long).

I did as listed above. Only every now and then I would take an extra Vitamin C. It was hard to wait. I wanted instant results. I noticed a reduction in Pregnancy systems right a way with just the vitamin C. I did some thinking trying to will my period to start.

Finally on Friday February 4 many things happened, in the morning I called to make an appointment at the clinic (for the 9th). At lunch time my secretary found out that she was expecting (and was very happy). In the evening I called my friend and finally told him what was going on. The support he gave me was wonderful. (He offered to come and drive me to and from the clinic).

That evening I decided to get a good night's sleep for a change so I took a big night dosed and went to bed. In the morning I felt pretty good. I took what turned out to be my last dose, and went cross-country skiing. I found that I was bleeding when I returned home at around 11 am.

The day went down hill from there. My head throbbed, my body ached, I could hardly stand up and all the color had left my face. I lay down drank juice and water, and hated being alone the rest of the day.

Sunday I was doing much better, my head cleared, but I was still weak and bleeding heavily.

Monday I finally had a little color in my face and was able to be normal at work. I continued to get better all week. All bleeding had stopped by Thursday which was why on the next Thursday I took the Pregnancy test to make sure I was 100% in the clear.

I am thankful that I found your site as I was saved from going to a clinic answering all their questions and also saved hundreds of dollars. But I had a good bit of pain and suffering from my actions over New Years. I think that in the future I will avoid intercourse all together when in my fertile time. I use a basal thermometer so I know when I have reached the safe time.

You have a wonderful wealth of knowledge for all women, thank you for sharing it.

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