A Personal Story

Submitted: August 4, 1999
Name: Gabrielle
Success: Yes
Preg test: No
Herbs Used: Vitaman C & parsley before menstruation was due; Dong Quai, Black Cohosh when menstruation was late.


I recently joined the using herbs for abortion club. Your website is fantastic!!!

The first day of my last period was 7/4. I had unprotected sex on 7/11. {Day 8}

I was looking for the morning after. pill & found you. By 7/20 (Day 17) my breasts were unusually swollen. I did not want to wait for my period. I started with Vit C and parsley tea and inserts on 7/25 (Day 22).
{Ovulation probably occurred on 7/15. Unprotected sex occurred 4 days prior to ovulation, and it is very likely that conception occurred.}

{Day 25} (period due 7/28) did not show. NEVER LATE!

7/29 (Day 26 menstruation 1 day late) started with 2 DongQuai capsules every 4 hrs. Added tincture black Cohosh 7/30 every 4 hrs. Started to bleed during night on 7/31 (Day 28 menstruation 3 days late), all day 8/1. Clumpy dark. Very little on 8/2. I increased Blk.Coh. Drops.

On night of 8/3- Big clump with what looked liked grape skin with yellowish tissue. Even though I did not bleed a lot continuously, I still think my attempt was successful. Most of the other personal stories that I read, the women seemed to bleed for at least 5 days. This makes me a little worried.

Would like to make a check up with my Dr. Today 8/4 very little dark blood through out the day. I'm still taking the herbs, but today is 11 days and I don't want to overdo to my system.

Question - Does the pattern of my bleeding indicate an unsuccessful attempt? I will still make an appointment with my Dr. THANK YOU!!

{Trying to find out the end result....}

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