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Letter to HomeSpun:

Dear Sister Zeus & "Homespun" Sisters,

I really like Sister Zeus's idea to all get together and unite. It is wonderful to hear women's voices chanting together. The title "Homespun" is very good as spinning was a ancient woman's art that brought women who practiced it into a sacred meditative space. Different parts of the spinning wheel were named the "maidens", the "mother of all", and the "crone". So it is very fitting that we all work together to form & spin the threads of understanding, sharing, and community.

Sister Zeus and I have a shared interest in learning and sharing information about abortive herbs. I have written a book, entitled 'Herbal Abortion: The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge,' which brings together much of my research. I am working on a yearly supplement newsletter called 'Herbal Choice' which will have more information. I invite all women interested in this topic to get in touch with me at the address below.

I am currently studying the Hawaiian plant Kava, which was a very sacred plant to the Hawaiians. They used the root as a narcotic stimulant, and women who wished to induce miscarriage inserted a leaf of the plant. This was thought to cause abortion, a word which in Hawaiian literally means stirring round & round, swirling - as water swirls. For a wise culture who understood that life was born from the sea, abortion meant to swirl the waters of life.

All ancient human cultures studied had knowledge of plants that could cause abortion. Women, now days, have lost much of this knowledge, which is why collaborations such as, 'Homespun' are so important. Here we can bring back and share our own experiences and new information, and gradually build up a body of knowledge for women in the future. I wish 'Homespun' continued success.


    Uni Tiamat
    3457 N. University, Suite 120
    Peoria, IL 61604-1322

Thanks for your support Uni. It is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work and keep us posted with your findings on Kava!


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