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Are All Fertility Lenses Created Equal?

I have tried two fertility lenses. I first heard about the lenses through some friends who were selling the "Lady Tester". I was immediately interested, but could not afford it at that time. Not long after I found another lens for cheaper, so I purchased it through a mail order book company. I tried it religiously for the next two months. And what did I see? Absolutely nothing! I searched in vain for months for those elusive ferns. I knew when I was ovulating and should of seen the ferns, but they were never visible to my eye.

So a year later I got my hands on the "Lady Tester". And what did I see? Low-and-behold there they were! Those elusive ferns, there at last. Since then I've found the lens gives me two to three days warning before ovulation, which isn't enough to prevent pregnancy. As five days are needed to prevent pregnancy.

It is the sharp rise in estrogen that triggers the release of the ripest egg (ovulation) the estrogen levels remain elevated for 2-3 days following ovulation.

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