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Greetings Sisters,

And welcome to my/our first official newsletter. I hope that all of you will be inspired by the work I have done here. This is the trial run for Homespun. This is my effort to reach out for all of you. To connect on more than a superficial level.
I would love it I every one would contribute articles, stories and stuff in the future. This issue is mainly focused on the stuff I am currently involved with. If others contribute stuff, it will help flesh this budding newsletter out.
I wanted to provide a way for us to communicate with each other. I'm hoping to provide a place for those of us who want to network, connect and share information to do so.

My vision is that this will be a place for us to reach out to each other and provide support. A place where we can talk about taboo things like abortion experiences; herbal, clinical and/or menstrual extractions.
A place to share home remedies, for things like yeast infections, premenstrual symptoms and more. I want this newsletter to be a safe place to share our dreams, visions, personal experiences, make new friends.
I hope this newsletter will be all this and more. But I need support from all of you to continue with this project and bring this idea, this vision into a reality.

These are uncertain times, and I feel that it is important for us to connect with each other on a deep level, to band together. Our patriarchal system thrives on keeping men and women preoccupied and separated. As the saying goes, "United we stand, Divided we fall." So let's unite! And together we can move tremendous amounts of energy.
I would like to have a letter section where anyone can write anything to whomever. It will be a forum where we can connect, and make our addresses available to each other, if we so desire, and personally reach out.

If there is interest we can do something similar on line. email me.

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