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Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace has been used for centuries as a contraceptive. When herbal lore such as this survives the test of time, there is a good chance there is some truth behind it. There has not been a lot of research done on fertility inhibiting herbs, especially in this country. But there has been some in other countries. In Chinese laboratory tests, the seeds have been shown to block progesterone synthesis in pregnant animals. Which deprives the uterine tissues of the progesterone needed to make a nutritive bed for the fertilized egg. This gives scientific evidence that our ancestors actually knew what they were doing.

Others doing research on QAL include Robin Rose Bennet, she did a year long study on 13 women from New York City. Her conclusion was that the seeds were a very good method of contraception for those women who were willing to pay close attention to their cycles.
The majority of women in the study reported no side effects. A few women have noticed an occasional side effect of slight constipation, from the seeds being a bit too drying in the colon. Which can be remedied by increased water consumption.
I have personally tried the QAL, and I experienced a very annoying side effect of inflammation and irritation of the inner and outer lips of the vagina. Accompanied with a very painful itch. It began two days after taking a tsp of seeds a day. And disappeared two days after I stopped taking them. Several months later I took QAL seeds again and did not experience the side effect at that time.

Women with a history of kidney or gallstones should consult with an herbalist before using Queen Anne's Lace seeds. QAL contains estrogen and can cause estrogen-like side effects, and may encourage the growth of estrogen dependent tumors. Estrogenic herbs should be avoided by anyone taking birth control pills, other estrogen medications, or blood pressure medications.

When using any herb to end a pregnancy, it is very important to have a backup plan if the herbs should not work. I have had several experiences with herbs and have spoken to many women who herbs have not worked for. {And several women who herbs have worked for.} So it is very important to be prepared. Estrogenic substances are suspected of being tertogens (meaning causing birth defects).

Modern wise women recommend one tsp of Queen Anne's Lace seeds chewed daily during ovulation and continued for up to one week. This dosage has worked effectively for women of average height and build. If you are above average height and/or build you might find the seeds more effective if you slightly raise the dosage. Consult with your herbalist.

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